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Planning for the Incarnation

No incarnation happens out of chance, or as a completely random series of events.  There is a degree of planning that goes on, beforehand, in the spiritual realm.  The entire life of the spirit is not planned out, for that would negate the spirit's free will in constructing its own pathway, through evolution.  Instead, certain parameters of the spirit's coming incarnation are planned, based on the moral and intellectual progress made throughout previous experiences, as well as the spirit's needs, in terms of repair for past wrongdoings or opportunities to test prior learning. Such parameters include the family that will receive the spirit, the body into which the spirit will incarnate (including any tendencies toward certain illness, deformities, etc), and other significant events and persons that are to become a part of the spirit's earthly existence.  All these will serve to create the spirit's opportunities for learning and growth, including various trials and expiations.  

Spirits are always assisted in this planning by mentors of a higher level, who are entrusted by superior authorities to act in such a role.  The level of the soon-to-incarnate spirit's involvement in this planning depends on various factors such as:  (1) the development of the spirit's knowledge and conscience, and subsequently, its ability to evaluate its own progress and needs, and (2) the spirit's merit, in terms of the effort and desire it has demonstrated in favor of its own progress. 

There are some spirits who know nothing of their coming incarnation, either as a mere result of their stage of evolution or, in some cases, in an imposed state that serves as a form of admonition and correction.  Some sense it coming, just as we sense the approach of our death.  Others even know significant details about the timing of their return to the material world.  Some incarnations are imposed, such as when the spirit's consciousness is still too un-advanced to choose wisely or when the spirit's moral state or rebelliousness makes it necessary.  Those that are not imposed are instead planned by the spirit, with help, as needed, from spirit mentors.


Often times, the spirit to reincarnate will meet with its parents-to-be, both before and during the pregnancy period, while the latter are liberated, temporarily, as their material bodies are asleep.  Together, and with the aid of their spiritual mentors, they discuss their coming union.  Likewise, during the pregnancy, the spirit may accompany its parents-to-be as they go about their daily lives, unaware of the presence of this spirit, but even so, undergoing the process of a fluidic attachment.

Spirits who are aware of their coming incarnation often experience a significant degree of anxiety that stems from the uncertainty about the outcome of the trials they will undergo.  For many, this anxiety is heightened by their awareness of the significance of this opportunity, one which they may have been awaiting for a long period of time¹.   They are, however, always counseled by their spiritual mentors that will offer them guidance, both at this stage and throughout the actual incarnation.  

¹ The population of discarnate spirits is much greater than that of incarnate spirits, whereby those who are resentful of their mistakes and eager to make amends must wait "in a long line" behind others also awaiting their turn.

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