Kardecís Careful Observance  | Experimental Demonstration of the Immortal Soul

Kardecís Careful Observance




The scientific tools of study and observation are how Spiritism originated, when Allan Kardec became a witness to the frequent and popular spiritual phenomena, such as raptures, table turning, and later mediumistic writings, of the early 1850s.


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While skeptical at first, Kardec eventually became a serious student of these spirit communications, which took on an especially serious, intelligent, and moral nature when he was present.

The spirits revealed that they were not a separate class of beings in creation, but the souls of those who had lived on Earth or other worlds, who were now liberated from the material body and able to move freely through space. 

Kardec was very careful, for he soon recognized that if such revelation were true, each spirit's knowledge, then, would be limited to its own level of advancement, and each must be observed with caution.  He wrote, "Ö avoiding preconceived notions, I observed attentively, compared observations and deduced the consequences. I tried to identify the causes of the phenomena by linking the facts logically, and I did not accept an explanation as valid unless it could resolve all the difficulties of the question." 

Kardec subjected the numerous spirit communications, received from various places around the world, to systematic and methodical analysis, cross-examinations that tested for the universality of general knowledge and agreement between teachings from spirits of a superior order, and other tests of logic and reason.  The science of experimental Spiritism was born.