Definition | Discovery and Response

Discovery and Response

Animism, having the same appearance as a truly mediumistic communication, may not be evident from the start.  However, it can be recognized, over time, as the director(s) and members of the mediumistic group find that a particular medium's communications begin to repeatedly display the same characteristics and to revolve around the same type of situations, emotions and thoughts

How should a case of animism be handled once it has been discovered?  Peralva explains.  He writes, (quoting, in part from Andre Luiz's book, "In the Domains of Mediumship")

The medium, in those conditions, should be treated with the same attention that we administer to the suffering spirits who communicate.  For that reason the directors' oversight of mediumship work requires, without a doubt, much love, comprehension, and patience — virtues that, together, result in what the instructors classify as “Fraternal Touch”.  The intention is to avoid hurting those who find themselves in such conditions.

If the director of mediumistic sessions does not have a sincere good-will, we believe that a medium, in his group, will receive little or no benefit. The medium inclined toward animism is a defective vessel that can be fixed and restored to full service through the director's understanding, or destroyed by his lack thereof.  Readjusted, patiently, with the resources of evangelic charity, the medium can be transformed into a valuable work partner.  Misunderstood, he could become a victim of obsession.

As you can see, the potential for the phenomenon of animism presents another reason why the teachers of Spiritism advise their students that the development and exercise of mediumship should be done at the appropriate place, such as a responsible and serious Spiritist center, under the support and guidance of a knowledgeable and benevolent director.


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