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The text and sub-sections to follow, regarding the nature of mediumistic communications, comprise an excerpt from "The Mediums' Book", Chapter 10, 'The Nature of Spirit Communications'.

 If we bear in mind the infinite variety that exists among spirits, under the double aspect of intelligence and of morality, we perceive that a corresponding diversity must exist in their communications, which necessarily reflect the elevation or the backwardness of the spirits by whom they are made; and that the quality of their ideas, their degree of knowledge or of ignorance, their virtues and their vices, will be evidenced by the communications which emanate from them, and which no more resemble each other than do, among men, those of the savage and the most enlightened European.  But all the shades presented by spirit-communications may be grouped into four principal categories; according to their most salient characteristics, they may be designated as coarse, frivolous, serious, and instructive.