Introduction | List of Virtues


Those who are faithful students of Spiritism come to understand the path of spiritual progression by which each of us travels, with the ultimate destination of spiritual perfection.  They come to understand the responsibilities that we have to support one another in this journey, and they understand the influence (upon self and others) of our individual thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. They also respect their spiritual superiors and seek out their help and guidance.

All of these concepts apply in the practice of mediumship.  Mediums who consider themselves to be students of Spiritism and practitioners of its teachings need to understand not only what is expected of them in their role as intermediaries between the material and spiritual realms, but also what will help them to maintain a personal balance, to grow in their own spiritual acquisitions, and to most effectively execute their tasks in the field of mediumship.

Here you will find a list of necessary virtues or, in other words, attitudes, habits, and characteristics that should be regularly displayed by any medium who wishes to be successful in the use of his mediumistic faculty, to protect himself from a potential downfall and the dangerous influence of inferior beings, and to draw to his side, spirits of an elevated nature who share in his benevolent objectives and who can help him through their counsel, guidance, protection, and friendship.

Keep in mind that mediums on Earth are still human beings and are, just like all of us, on their own path of progression, still with their particular faults and weaknesses.   The superior spirits do not expect their Earthly mediums to be perfect. They only ask that we make the best effort possible to develop these virtues, and they will chose, as their instruments, those who display such most consistently, and who show the greatest willingness to work on continuous improvement.