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Mode of Action

As you can read in the web subsection, We're All Mediums" (see menu at left), we are all, whether ostensive mediums or not, open to the influence of the inhabitants of the spiritual plane, though we vary in our degree of sensitivity. As was also stated previously, the nature of such influence relates directly to our own vibrational qualities, in other words, to the moral nature of our own thoughts, intentions, and actions; this is because of the law of affinity, by which we attract those who think like, and about the same things, we do, and whose desires and behaviors are similar to our own. The key point here is that, regardless of the cause for the obsessive action of the spirit upon his victim, it is the vibrational affinity between the two that allows for the spirit to exercise any degree of thought control and/or vibrational alteration upon the individual.

The key characteristic of an obsession, as opposed to a passing, negative spiritual influence, is the regularity and consistency of the spirit's maleficent influence over the individual. Obsessing spirits who act intentionally are extremely persistent and believe, even when encountering an initial or eventual resistance in their victim, that through perseverance, they will eventually achieve and sustain the domination that they desire. Even when unconscious of their negative influence, the affinity and tuning that is established between the obsessed and the obsessor, keep them both bound to one another and subject to the consequences of such mutual influence.

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