Excerpt from the Spiritist Book, "The Consoler Among Us"¹

(PART 2)

After Crookes, many scientists studied spiritual phenomenology and arrived at the conclusion that spirits truly do exist.  The most important were:  Russel Wallace, Lodge, Myers, Hodgson, Zollner, Weber, Fechner, Ulrici, Aksakof, Bouterow, Falconer, Chiaia, Brofferio, Finzi, Schiaparelli, Cesar Lombroso, Gibier, Richet, De Rochas, Camille Flammarion, and Ernesto Bozzano.

More recently, a great number of scientists have dedicated themselves to the the analysis of tapes related to electromagnetic recordings of the voices from beings from beyond the grave, as well as the communication with spirits through sophisticated electronic instruments.

It all started with Frederich Juergenson, the great discoverer of "Voice Phenomena" in Switzerland, in the 1950s.  This experimenter stated that the voices came from the so-called dead, and he wrote two books on the subject, one of them known in Brazil as "A telephone connection to the beyond"1.

After that, other researchers appeared, such as the psychologist Konstantin Raudive, in Germany, in 1958 and subsequently, the psychologist and professor of moral and religious education, Peter Bander.  The latter joined in the experiment upon hearing the distinct voice of his mother on a recording done by book editor, Colin Smythe.  

The title of Konstantin Raudive's book is "Breakthrough", and Peter Brander's book, "Spirits Communicate Through Recorders"2 , was published in Brazil by Edicel (Editora Cultural Espirita Ltda), Sao Paulo.

The scientific world was still shocked and surprised by the recording of communications from spirits, when it become known that, in the United States, the engineer, George William Meek, was communicating with the dead through an electronic instrument called SPIRICOM, in 1971.

Dr. Hernani Guimaraes Andrade informs us, in the International Spiritist Magazine (Revista Internacional Espirita) of February 1989, that "the electronic technician, William John O'Neil, in 1977, after several attempts, was able to make contact with the spirit, Nick Doe, who claimed to be an American doctor that died in 1973.  In 1978, another spirit, George Jeffries Meulier, identified himself as a doctor of physics and, together with John O'Niel, perfected the system constructed previously, called SPIRICOM-MARK III.  The result was 20 hours of two way conversation.  This new apparatus was named SPIRICOM-MARK IV."   

Meek is founder and president of the META-Science Foundation, and according to Andrade, "he is dedicating himself to encouraging such experiments around the world and to maintaining the awareness  ̶  regarding the latest discoveries  ̶  of a  great number of persons interested in the area of transcommunication.   

Dr. Andrade also reports that in Germany, the scientist "Klaus Schreiber (who passed away in 1988) and his technical assistant Martin Wenzel, already obtained a considerable number of photographs and images transmitted from the spiritual plane. Schreiber and Wenzel received these images by way of televisions equipped with a "feed-back' system."

Dr. Andrade goes on to say that "the director of Luxemburg Radio, Rainer Holbe, wrote a book released by the publisher, Knaur of Munich, under the title "Images of the Distant Kingdom of the Dead"3. This book contains more than two dozen photos of well-known people who had already died, including photos of the two wives of Schreiber, who had been dead for some time.  The photographs in question were obtained by Schreiber and Wenzel, in the city of Aachen, in Western Germany."


In addition to the scientific research that has been analyzed, proving the existence of the immortal spirit, scientists are also faced with facts related by people who have been on the edge of death.  They were clinically dead and came back to life after a cardiac revival.4    

In the United States, Doctors Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, Raymond Moody, and George Ritchia, in more than 10 years of research and working in different cities, arrived at similar conclusions. 

The three scientists are respected by the American scientific world for their professional abilities and their sincerity in the sharing of their experiences.  Dr. Raymond Moody is the author of the best seller, "Life After Life", where he describes numerous testimonies of patients with identical experiences.  Though they were on the brink of death, with no signs of life, they found themselves light and floating close to their physical bodies, hearing and seeing everything that happened around them. Though their eyes were closed, with eyelids shut, they saw, vividly, the people involved in the medical emergency treatment.  Almost all were unanimous in speaking of a tunnel at the end of which they saw an amazing light.  The mention of seeing lighted spiritual begins is also constant.

Professor Ian Stevenson, of the University of Virginia, has studied and proven many cases of children who claim to remember a past life.

We also have the evidence from memory regression hypnosis, in which the individual traces back, in memories, through previous stages of his or her current and past life.  This process is currently being used as a therapeutic resource, known as past life regression therapy, in which a person often becomes aware of traumas, from this or a past life, which were repressed in the unconscious, causing him or her perturbing distresses of a psychic or psychosomatic nature.  Numerous scientists, such as Dr. Morris Netherton and Edith Fiore, have books published on the subject.5  Professor Banerjee, already deceased, treated more than a thousand patients through past life regression therapy.

The study of the existence of spiritual individuality, existing prior to and surviving the death of the physical body, no longer belongs strictly to the field of religions. Science, itself, is beginning to take its first steps in the direction of the discovery of the soul.

The moment will come, and it is close, in which "scientists", before their societies, associations and academies, will proclaim the reality of the eternal spirit.

At that moment, Jesus will come to reign forever in the hearts of humans, since he is the living proof of the presence of the spirit and its survival beyond the grave.

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1 Translator's Note:  "Um Telefone Para o Alem"

2  Translator's Note:  "Os Espiritos Comunicam-se por Gravadores"

3 Translator's Note:   "Images of the Distant " Note: This is our translation of the Portuguese translation of the
      original German title

4 Translator's Note:  Facts related by people who have been on the edge of death = experiencing what
      we know as "near-death experiences".

5  Translator's Note: Past Life Regression -- Another well-known author on this topic is Dr. Brian Weiss.