Excerpt from the Spiritist Book, "The Consoler Among Us"¹

(PART 1)

Ever since the evolutionary phase in which primitive man acquired intellect, he has known, intuitively, that death does not interrupt life.  Life itself precedes the physical vehicle and, likewise, continues beyond the grave.

Pre-historic beings buried their dead together with their belongings, as they believed in the continuation of life after life.

Renowned psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung, said, "The fullness of life requires more than a simple being; it needs a spirit, independent and superior, exclusively able to call to life all the psychic possibilities that the conscience-ego, itself, can not reach (Jung, "Reality of the Soul").


The existence of a physical body, with trillions of cells, created upon the union of egg and sperm, can not be the result of chance, especially considering the harmonic cellular differentiation that takes place, an intelligent process that creates organs and systems, without the active participation of the pregnant mother.  There truly is a "central regulatory energy", or a directing spiritual element, responsible for the formation of the physical body.

During the process of embryogensis², under the influence of the extra-physical intelligence, the developing embryo repeats the evolution that took place during the animal sequence (phylogenesis³); initially, the egg resembles an ameba, followed by the phases typical of the reptiles and birds  ̶   a sure proof of the existence of a spiritual being, remembering the course traveled in the animal kingdom.  This phenomenon is still a puzzle to science, since it will only be understood in the context of its proof of the extra-corporeal energy or spirit, liberating all that it holds archived from the millenniums of evolution.


In the melting pot of planet Earth, the transcendental being, while suffering from the rigor of a denser vibratory state, one which acts as a true, cellular prison, will have the opportunity to grow, to develop its potentialities, and to seek out a possible degree of perfection, through the diverse opportunities afforded by the process of reincarnation.

When will humanity have sure proof of the existence of the extra-physical being?  We believe that science will be given the responsibility of testifying to the existence of the spirit.

Numerous well-known scientists have already had the opportunity to prove the existence of the spiritual essence that gives life to the physical body.

William Crookes, an English physicist (London 1832-1919), discovered talcum in 1861; studied rarified gases; invented the radiometer (1872) and the electronic tubes of cold cathode for the production of x-rays; discovered in 1878 the properties of cathode rays; won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1907 (source: Great Encyclopedia of Delta Larousse - Ed Delta SA); and researched the mediumistic production of ectoplasm by the young medium, Florence Cook, through the materialization of the spirit, Kati King. 


¹ (This book is not presently available in English) "O Consolador Entre Nós", by Brazilian author, Americano Domingos Nunes Filho, published in 1992 by O Clarim. Excerpt from chapter: "Discovery of the Spirit".  Translation by the editors of

² Translator's Note:  Embryogenisis is the formation and development of an embryo 
    (The Collins English Dictionary © 2000 HarperCollins Publishers)

³ Translator's Note: Phylogenesis is the sequence of events involved in the evolution of a species, genus, etc. 
    (The Collins English Dictionary © 2000 HarperCollins Publishers)