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  All spirits are created simple and ignorant. They gradually evolve intellectually and morally, so passing from an inferior order to more advanced levels, until they finally reach perfection, where they will enjoy constant happiness.

  All spirits preserve their individuality before, during, and after each incarnation.

  Spirits reincarnate as many times as necessary to achieve their own perfection.

  The different corporeal existences of the spirit are always progressive and never regressive. The rapidity of their progress, both intellectual and moral, depends upon the degree of effort made towards improvement.

  Spirits belong to various orders, according to the degree of perfection they have attained at any one time: Pure spirits, who have attained maximum perfection; good spirits, whose desire towards goodness predominates; Imperfect Spirits, who are characterized by ignorance, by their tendencies towards evil and by their inferior passions.


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