The Phenomena That Sparked Modern Spiritualism and 
Lead to the Codification of Spiritism

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Kardec Witnesses the Phenomena

Kardec Witnesses the Phenomena

Amidst the criticism thrown at the observance of the phenomena, and even more so due to the satisfaction of their curiosity, most participants lost interest in this popular form of entertainment because they had no further explanations for what they observed. 

There were some, however, who took a serious interest in the intelligence of the communications and wanted to know more about them.  The form of communication made minimal progress with new discoveries.  First, a pencil was affixed to some moveable object (like a basket, small board, etc) upon which the fingers could rest.  The object could then move from letter to letter.  It was later discovered, however, that the spirit could just as easily act directly upon an arm or hand as it did with the moving object.  This lead to the emergence of the “writing mediums”, who wrote under the direction of the spirits.  

Around this time, Allan Kardec became a witness to such phenomena.  Although initially skeptical, Kardec would eventually find that the communications he witnessed and studied changed his beliefs.  Through the meticulous study of these communications (which, by the way, took on an especially serious, intelligent, and moral nature when he was present), Kardec would organize them into a body of knowledge that would change the way that millions of others saw life itself, including: its origin, its nature and the laws that guide it, the undoubted belief in its continuity, and the implications that such new revelations present to all of humanity.     




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