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CONSCIENCE - Reflecting the greatness and sublimity of our creator, conscience is a faculty that allows spirits, both incarnate and discarnate, to pass moral judgment over their own thoughts and actions.  It is in the conscience that the law of God is "written", whereby we have been given the tools to discern good from bad.  Since our creation as spirits, we have forgotten or misunderstood the law, and God has willed it to be recalled to our memories, through revelations, intuitive suggestions from good spirits, and our own experiences over multiple existences.  Therefore, our ability of discernment depends on our level of evolution.  When we incarnate in a physical body, we preserve an intuitive memory of the law, again, the strength of which depends upon our moral and intellectual advancement.  This memory, however, will suffer the influence of our lower instincts, and it is through the process of reincarnation that we gradually work to lift that veil of imperfections "until we reach the plentitude of psychic perfection and an integral knowledge of our own self."¹ 

¹ quotation from the Spirit, Emmanuel, received through medium Francisco Cāndido Xavier in the book, "Emmanuel"

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