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Intelligence, Thought, and Reason

INTELLIGENCE, THOUGHT AND REASON - Intelligence is an attribute of the spirit, which allows the spirit to generate thought, to reason, and to act with pre-meditation. The source of the spirits' intelligence is the universal intelligence.  However, spirits tell us¹  that while intelligence is an attribute of each being that has it, and it constitutes the individuality of those beings, it would not be an exact comparison to say that each intelligent being draws a portion of intelligence from the universal source and assimilates it, like it does with the vital principle.  We humans have yet to fully understand this concept.  It should be noted that instinct is a form of unreasoning intelligence, through which all beings provide for their needs.  Therefore, it varies according to the species.  In humans, it does not diminish as intelligence grows². There's no distinct line between instinct and intelligence, and they often blend; however, their actions are more distinguishable. While the actions stemming from intelligence come from thought and deliberation, those stemming from instinct are almost always spontaneous. In beings with self-consciousness and perception of outside things, instinct is aligned to intelligence, i.e., to freedom of will and action.

¹ (question #72 of "The Spirits' Book")
² Humans only begin to ignore it.

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