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Equality in Creation & Opportunity

As humans, we may wonder about the causes of the differences among us, or the causes of our sufferings. Based on the explanations offered by a philosophy of reincarnation, we realize that God does not create us unequally.  Allan Kardec writes¹:

"Either the souls of human beings are created equal at birth, or they are not. But if they are unequal, why do discrepancies exist?  Can it be simply a matter of different physical organization in the body and brain? The latter hypothesis is monstrous; it makes of the human being a mere machine. If it were true, no one would be responsible for any individual action, since any wrong-doing could rightly be attributed to physiological defects. If, on the other hand, souls are created unequal, God must have created them so. Yet, if this were true, why is this innate superiority accorded to some and not to others? And would such partiality be consistent with God's justice and love for us?"....If you admit the possibility that we have all lived numerous lives, [these discrepancies] have answers..... A just God could not create souls more or less perfect. But if we accept the idea that we all have led many lives, there is nothing in the differences in quality we see around us that is inconsistent with the most rigorous standards of fairness, because these differences are rooted not in the present but in the past."

God does not create us unequally, nor does he treat us any differently after our creation. To the contrary,  he offers each of us the number of opportunities it takes us to reach our ultimate goal of perfection and pure happiness as purified spirits.  He does not punish us for our mistakes; he only requires us to make amends. In this way, what we are not able to finish in one life, we can do in another. As Kardec said, "The idea that our fate is decided forever by a few years of trial on Earth, during which we cannot achieve perfection in any case, fills the mind with dread.  The contrary idea, though, consoles us. It leaves us with hope."

God also never abandons any of his children.  He ensures, through the design of his laws, that all of us will eventually reach relative perfection. 

¹ "The Spirits' Book", Chapter IX

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