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Question # 171 of "The Spirits' Book"
Q. What is the basis for the doctrine of reincarnation?
A. "The justice of God, and revelation. As we've said already, a loving parent always leaves the door of forgiveness open to straying children. Doesn't reason convince you that it would be unjust to withhold happiness eternally from spirits who haven't had the chance to improve themselves? All of us are God's children.  Injustice, unrelenting hatred, everlasting punishments are concepts you find among self-centered and less advanced humans, but not in God."

Spiritism aids in our understanding of divine justice by offering us philosophic and experimental proof of the existence of reincarnation╣, revelation of details regarding its mechanism, and proof of the spiritual guidance and support that is always available to evolving spirits, in both their incarnate and discarnate states.

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A Spiritist explanation of our spiritual evolution, under
the compassionate
laws of God's divine justice.
moral law, free will, evolution, hell, expiation, action and reaction, spirit realm