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  • Spirits belong to different orders; likewise they are not equals in power, intelligence, knowledge, or ethical excellence.  Those in the highest order are distinguished by purity, knowledge, and love of goodness.  They are the so-called "angels" or "pure spirits."  The others are relatively more distant from this perfection.  Those in the lower orders are inclined to most of our human feelings and may still take pleasure in wrong-doing.  Among them are those who are neither very good nor very bad, but have malicious, mischievous or irksome natures.  These might be classed as giddy and foolish spirits.

  • Spirits do not belong perpetually to the same order.  They are destined to attain perfection and, as they do so, to progress up through the different orders.  This advancement is achieved through incarnations, which are undertaken either as special missions or as trials leading to purification.  Physical life is an experience sprits must undergo many times before reaching this goal.  These lives can be understood as cleansing exercises from each of which spirits generally emerge in a more purified state.


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