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Simple Obsession

"Simple obsession exists when a maleficent spirit imposes himself on a medium, thus interfering, against the medium's will, with all the communications received by the latter, or preventing him from communicating with other spirits, by substituting himself for those who are evoked."

"A medium is not necessarily considered obsessed because of being deceived by a lying spirit…. Obsession consists in the tenacity of the hold that has been taken by the spirit, rendering it difficult or impossible to get rid of him."

"In simple obsession, the medium is aware that he has become the prey of a deceptive spirit, a fact which the obsessor rarely tries to conceal, for he usually does not attempt to hide either his evil intentions or his determination to be troublesome. The medium, in such a case, easily recognizes the deceit, keeps on his guard, and is rarely taken in. This sort of obsession is merely disagreeable and has no other inconvenience than that of placing an obstacle in the way of the communication that is preferred to be maintained with spirits of higher degree, or with those who are united to us by affection.”

“In this category may [also] be placed all cases of physical obsession, such as the obtrusive and obstinate manifestations of spirits who spontaneously annoy people with the sound of blows and other noises." 

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