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"Fascination is a much more serious evil. It is an illusion which is produced by the direct action of a spirit on the medium's thought, and which paralyzes his judgment with regard to the communication he receives. The fascinated medium does not believe himself to be deceived. The obsessing spirit artfully inspires him with a blind confidence, preventing him from seeing the absurdity of what he writes, even when this is clear to everyone else, a delusion which may go so far as to make him regard the most ridiculous nonsense with admiration."

"In [simple] obsession, the spirit who attaches himself to us is no more than a being who is bothersome in his tenacity and who we are impatient to be rid of.  In fascination, it is quite otherwise, for in order to achieve such ends, the evil spirit must be adroit, cunning, and hypocritical, imposing upon his victim, and making himself welcome, with the aid of a false semblance of virtue, as well as a lavish employment of words and phrases, such as "charity", "humility", "the love of God", etc., which men are apt to regard as credentials, though the tenor of his communications will, sooner or later, show a degree of inferiority that only the fascination he exercises over his medium can prevent the latter from perceiving.

A spirit of this class, therefore, dreads the presence of clear-sighted judges, who would see through his deceptions, and he specifically directs his efforts toward inspiring his victim with the determination to avoid everyone who could undeceive him."   

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