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Warning Signs

All mediums, and those who work with mediums, should be on guard against the following signs of obsession, which collectively demonstrate the importance of careful vigilance in this work. 

Kardec writes, "we may recognize the existence of obsession by the following signs:

1. The persistence of a spirit in communicating, whether he is wanted or not, by writing, sounds, or typtology, etc., and in preventing other spirits from manifesting themselves.

2. The illusion which, notwithstanding the intelligence of the medium, prevents his seeing the falsity or absurdity of the communications he receives.

3. Belief in the absolute identity and infallibility of spirits, who, under respected and venerated names, say false and foolish things.

4. The medium's confidence in the praises heaped on him by the spirits who communicate through him.

5. A disposition to shun the presence of those who might give him useful advice.

 6. Offense taken at criticism of communications received by him.

7. An incessant desire to write, etc., without regard to time and place.

8. Physical constraint, overruling the medium's will and forcing him to speak, in spite of himself.

9. Persistent noises and other disturbances around the medium, of which he is at once the cause and the object. "

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