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Natural Law

Reincarnation refers to the process in which spirits live out multiple existences in the material realm, through a series of successive rebirths into new material bodies.  Each material existence provides the spirit with the opportunity to undergo trials and/or expiations that serve as tools for its purification.

The basic notion of reincarnation or multiple existences is found in religions and philosophies throughout the history of humanity. This is not surprising since it constitutes part of the Natural Laws (created by God) that govern the universe, and of which all humans have an instinctual memory. The process of reincarnation is propelled by the Laws of Evolution, Progression, and Cause and Effect.

The concept of reincarnation, therefore, is not a new revelation brought by Spiritism.  Spiritism only increases our understanding of reincarnation by providing more complete explanations of its mechanism.  In addition, it strengthens our conviction, by demonstrating that the immortality of the soul and the existence of reincarnation are proven by rational, philosophic arguments, supported by spirit communications and scientific studies.