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Familiar Environment

Since the books of Spiritism's codification were written, there have been others that have brought additional detail and testimony regarding life in the Spiritual Realm.  One of the most well known of such books within the Doctrine is the first in the series of books written by the well-respected Spiritual Author (former physician), André Luiz, entitled "Nosso Lar" (translation= "Our Home"), dictated to the medium, Francisco Candido Xavier.  The impact of this book was so great because André Luiz broadened our picture of the afterlife by describing not only the state of the spirit but also details of the physical environment.  He described first the lower zone to which he first was drawn, upon disincarnation, as a result of his behavior and attitude on Earth, the events that rescued him, and then that with which the book had the greatest impact,  the Spiritual City (called "Nosso Lar") to which he was taken and to which the majority of the book is dedicated.  Since the publication of "Nosso Lar" André Luiz has written additional books which form a series, and these books bring us even more knowledge about sSpirit life and the interaction of spirits, both in the spirit realm and between the spiritual and material realms.  In addition, there have since been other books of a similar nature, by other spiritual authors, describing the colonies of the Spirit World.  

As surprising as it may seem, we find that in the relatively advanced, i.e. "civilized" places of the Spirit World, referred to as "colonies", the environment is, in many ways, similar to what we see here on Earth.  Remember that the spiritual fluids form the material of the spiritual realm (see subsection "Basic Fundamental Principles" under "Science" in the Triple Aspect study category), and with this material, the Spirits form their cities, with buildings, parks, hospitals (for illnesses of a spiritual nature), schools, etc.  There are even administrative entities that govern the colonies.  Life, however, does differ from that here on Earth.  First of all, as stated above, the perceptions and sensations of spirits are different, as the spirits are free from the influence of a material body.  Likewise, they don't have to deal with many of the societal issues that we have here, the need for financial income, physical survival, etc.  However, they are not inactive.  They spend time studying in classes (sometimes even universities), attending lectures, and even public performances such as theatre, music, etc.  They also spend a good deal of time working, not in the same way we do here on Earth, i.e., for financial income, but in jobs in which they are able to help other spirits who are suffering or are in need of some kind of assistance.  There are also jobs in which they are able to help the incarnate on Earth. Such work helps them to grow and progress and earn merit as well. 



We have not gone into great detail here, so if you would like to learn more about the life in the Spiritual Realm, we encourage you to read "The Spirits' Book".  And we strongly recommend the books by André Luiz that are now available in English: "Nosso Lar, A Spiritual Home" and "And Life Goes On", "The Messengers", "Missionaries of Light", and "In the Domains of Mediumship".  You will find these books fascinating, enlightening, and motivational.