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You may hear it said that we'll never know what the afterlife is like until we get there, for no one has been able to come back and tell us.  Well, we know today that, to the contrary, many souls in the spirit realm have been able to communicate through, and to, those who are still living in the material world, telling about the experiences they've undergone, upon parting from the material plane.  

Though Spiritism is not the first or only source of such information, the first concepts relating to the life in spiritual realm that were brought by Spiritism are found in Allan Kardec's book, titled "The Spirits' Book".  The ideas were shared, indirectly, through the book's various teachings about spirits and the divine laws, and directly, in the chapter entitled, "Spirit Life".  Later came the testimonials and examples found in a book assembled by Kardec, entitled "Heaven and Hell" .  Since then, the supplemental works of the Spiritism have come to include several books, by both incarnate and discarnate authors, that enlighten us about the conditions encountered by discarnate spirits, and about life in the spirit realm.