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 Law of Preservation 

To fulfill the plans that make up the designs of Providence, all beings must have the will to live.  Therefore, every living being possesses the instinct for self-preservation; in some, it's purely instinctive, and in others, it is subordinate to the reasoning capacity.  The natural resources of our planet Earth and our individual capacities of strength and perseverance are sufficient to provide us with what is essential to our survival and growth.  Excessive demands and the greedy waste of resources are what have created and continue to create conditions of scarcity and deprivation. The latter conditions serve as both expiations and/or trials for those who undergo them.  The sensible person knows the limits of their needs through intuition. Others learn by experience, through the consequence of their abuse.  The pursuit of material comfort is not contrary to the laws of life, except when it comes at the expense of someone else or when it unduly compromises one's physical and psychological health.


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