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 Law of Progress 

The progress of humanity, which is constant and never reverses, follows a master plan, whereby humans and societies must evolve, both intellectually and morally.  It is a living force; human actions and laws may block it temporarily, but will always be eventually overthrown.  As humanity evolves, human law will also evolve to become more equitable and aligned with natural laws.  When a people fails to progress at a reasonable pace, a major shock, either physical or ethical, may befall them as a way of speeding their transformation, in accordance with the design of Providence.  Intellectual progress helps lead to ethical progress by making people more discerning and better at making choices.  The two great obstacles to ethical progress are pride and selfishness╣


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See "The Spirits' Book" for for sub-items: Nations in Decline, Civilization, Progress of Human Law, The Contribution of the Spiritist Doctrine)