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Those who are not familiar with Spiritism sometimes assume that, since we communicate with spirits, we probably use the medianimic faculty for activities such as fortune telling, working spells, interpreting dreams, or calling on deceased relatives to communicate. You will not find this sort of practice in a Spiritist Center.  Nor will you find group sessions, like those on popular TV shows, where spirits come to communicate with members of an audience. 

You can read about the seriousness and noble aims with which mediumship is practiced, among Spiritists, in the web section “Vision And Purpose" (see menu bar at left). Some of the more frequent ways in which mediumship is employed in Spiritist Centers and in the Spiritist movement are in:
1. Dissemination  
2. Counseling of suffering, discarnate spirits (and associated treatment of obsessed persons)  
3. Donation of healthy and restorative energies through fluidic therapy  
4. Medical consultations
5. Guidance from the center's mentoring spirits  
6. Intuitive guidance and support  

In the text that follows, you will find a brief explanation of each.