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Part 2

3. Donation of Healthy and Restorative Energies through Fluidic Therapy: Superior spirits work with pass givers in the transmission of these energies to help restore the energies and vital centers of those who receive the treatment, in the form of passes and magnetized water. You can read more about this work in the web section on Fluidic Therapy / Magnetism (see menu bar at left).

4. Medical Consultations: This is less common and only takes place in some centers where there is a spirit with the appropriate evolutionary level, as well as medical and spiritual knowledge, to prescribe an appropriate treatment for a physical illnesses. Likewise, the spirit must have a medium to work with, one who not only can tune in to this spirit, but who also has the moral character and dedication that is necessary to carry out such work. This higher spirit, acting through the medium, attends to individuals who ask for help with some physical ailment. The treatments prescribed may be, for example, a recommendation for treatment, such as passes or disobsession, suggestions for moral improvements needed on behalf of the patient, prescriptions for homeopathic medicines, etc.

5. Guidance From the Center's Mentoring Spirits: The spiritual mentor(s) of a center may manifest themselves to advise workers on something that ought to be done, to call attention to a particular point, to clarify something that is in doubt, or to offer words of encouragement and support. 

6. Intuitive Guidance and Support: This is a more subtle form of spiritual influence and takes place whenever someone works with love in their heart and dedicates themselves to helping others. Such people are accompanied by spirits of an elevated order, who use them as instruments in God's work, to assist individuals in need.  These spirits inspire such persons in their thoughts, words and actions, via suggestions that are registered as intuitions.

Whatever the application, the medianimic faculty is taken very seriously in the Spiritist Center, where students and workers are educated regarding the noble purpose and responsibility of such a gift, and are expected to make use of it accordingly.