A Mediumís Responsibility | Keeping a Harmonious Environment |
Control in the Unconscious Medium

Keeping a Harmonious Environment

This control, when exercised by the medium, is important not only to protect the medium from the inappropriate and disrespectful use of his body, but also necessary to maintain the harmony of the environment.  Mediums who are students of Spiritism learn about all the preparation that the good spirits do, well in advance of any serious Spiritist meeting, to prepare the environment with positive energies and to distance inferior and ill-intentioned spirits from the location.  It is the responsibility of the mediums to continue those efforts by arriving mentally and emotionally prepared, with positive and peaceful thoughts, maintaining a unity of purposeful focus and concentration during the session, and exercising any necessary control over spirits who, in communicating through them, try to behave inappropriately.  Higher spirits bring these suffering spirits to get help from the Spiritist group. Given the disturbed spiritsí emotional condition, it is not expected that they will communicate with only loving and peaceful words; they are given the right to talk about their feelings and their situations, and to speak what is on their mind.  However, there is no need for them to use words or gestures that are vulgar, obscene, or violent.  While the medium should try to restrict this action, these spirits should be asked to exercise more control.† If they refuse or attempt to carry on with no change, then the medium can and should break off the communication.

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