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Control in the Unconscious Medium

Control in the Unconscious Medium

Perhaps wonder how a medium of the unconscious type is able to willingly exercise control over a spirit's communication.  You may recall Kardec's words when he said that "the medium is passive when he does not mingle his own ideas with those of the communicating spirit, but he is  never an absolute nullity."  We can find a more detailed explanation in the book, "In the Domain of Mediumship”, where we learn that the well-developed and morally fit medium, even while appearing unconscious on the exterior, is still able to control the spirit's use of his body.  This is because, in the depths of his being, such a medium possesses the positive moral qualities of his own inalienable and irreversible achievement that serve to impede the communicating spirit from exerting an undignified communication.  The spirit, aggressive and rebellious as it may be, finds itself controlled in every expression by the superior mind and the constricting mental energies to which it is subordinated.  This type of communication represents a situation in which the elevated moral capacity and mediumistic development of the medium is of absolute necessity to allow for a safe and controlled communication.  An unconscious psycophony, in the hands of someone less prepared, can have very dangerous effects, in general, but, more specifically, can lead to a disastrous, negative control over the medium.   In serious and responsible Spiritist centers, where workers and coordinators earn and count on the assistance of elevated spirits, the latter only permit the exercise of unconscious psycophony is only permitted with mediums that can handle the nature of the particular spirit who is to communicate.

In exercising proper control over spirit communications, the first responsibility lies with the medium, as the owner of the body being used by the spirit. In addition, however, the meeting's incarnate counselor and its guardian or mentoring spirits, as well as the rest of the participants in the session, also have the responsibility to help the medium to successfully carry out his or her task, through a concentrated and united effort in thought and prayer.


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