Misconception about Superiority  |  A Tool for Progress

Misconception about Superiority

Sometimes, for whatever reason, mediums are erroneously perceived to be "privileged people" or "chosen ones", and therefore,  better or more special, in some way, than the normal person. This misconception can be found in members of the general population as well as in some who are mediums themselves, where it is especially dangerous.  

In studying Spiritism, however, we learn that this idea is far from the truth.   As was stated before, we are all mediums to some degree; those who we normally refer to as mediums are merely those in whom the faculty is either more developed or more active in the present life.  Even the latter are normal people like all the rest, spirits on a path of evolution, presently incarnated in a physical body so as to undergo trials and expiations that serve as instruments in obtaining spiritual, intellectual, and moral progress. 

The mediumistic faculty is not a sign of superiority by any means.  In fact, the spirit, Emmanuel (as quoted by Martins Peralva in "Mediunidade e Evolucao" ["Mediumship and Evolution"]), reminds us that "mediums, in general, are spirits who are making amends for past debts."  In other words, the possession of mediumship does not indicate moral supremacy. To the contrary, the medium referred to by Emmanuel is a spirit who, like all of us, has made mistakes in a past life, mistakes for which he or she must make due reparations, in accordance with natural law. The faculty of mediumship, then, is a gift from God, bestowed upon the medium with the intention of allowing him to work toward reparation, through the grand opportunity that it offers him or her to work for the benefit of others.  With this gift, mediums are able to work, together with higher spirits, to bring morally inspiring and educationally enlightening messages to fellow human beings, and they are able to serve as instruments for suffering, discarnate spirits who communicate through them and receive counseling in return, or for other discarnate spirits who wish to leave messages for loved ones who they left behind.  By putting selfish interests aside and working  humbly and compassionately for the benefit of others, the medium, over time, is able to heal the wounds of his soul cultivate the noble sentiments of love.