Misconception about Superiority  |  A Tool for Progress

A Tool for Progress

In addition to evolutionary healing, the gift of mediumship provides even more tools of progress to the medium.  For one thing, a medium's faith is strengthened by activities that give him a strong conviction regarding the survival of the soul and the reincarnation process which reveal the true justice of our creator.  Likewise, the messages that a medium receives, or is witness to, by participation in mediumship sessions, offer an incredible source of learning for the medium himself; he is educated by the teachings of morally encouraging spirits, as well as the exemplifying testimonies of suffering spirits.  In addition, the sensitivity of the medium makes him naturally susceptible to spiritual influences in general, so in order to protect himself from the deceit, trickery, and negative influences of inferior spirits, the good medium must be constantly vigilant with regard to his thoughts and behaviors and work continuously on his own moral development; these efforts, when exercised with perseverance, will naturally help the medium in his progression. 

The moral efforts of the medium are especially important to keep him from falling prey to the erroneous belief that he is, in some way, superior, for it is an excessive pride that leads the medium down this road of false perceptions.  Numerous are the spirits who wish to influence a medium in such a way so as to inflate him with this exaggerated pride; unfortunately, many succeed, causing disastrous consequences for the medium, whose arrogance eventually causes him to lose the company of elevated spirits and, at the same time, to attract the presence of inferior spirits who take advantage of his moral imbalance and increased susceptibility to deception.  For this reason, the instructive messages that come from superior spirits continuously bring reminders and warnings to mediums, from the novice to the most experienced, alerting them to this potential weakness and the consequences it can have.  

In conclusion, despite the misconception that sometimes arises, a medium is not "privileged" in the sense of being somehow better than the rest.  The humble and dedicated medium who recognizes the opportunity and purpose of his mediumistic faculty, may, however, feel "privileged" to receive such a gift from God, a chance to make amends for past wrongdoings and to work for the benefit of others, knowing that it is in giving that we receive. 

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