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At the Mediumship Sessions

Spiritist author and lecturer, Suely Caldas Shubert, offers a bit of advice regarding the use of the seeing faculty during a mediumship session.  She writes,

The seeing medium needs to study a lot, and understand well, his or her faculty and the best way to exercise it during a mediumship session.  It is necessary to exercise much prudence so as not to fanaticize scenes, exaggerate them, or create them by imagination.  Moreover, the medium should take much care in sharing what he or she witnessed, so as not to perturb or frighten those present.  A situation could happen where the medium perceives a certain scene and interprets it incorrectly, which can even be dangerous sometimes.... Good sense should prevail, and the balanced, studious, and dedicated medium will filter out the information that is valuable for the group..... In the mediumship session, the seeing mediums should only share what they've seen with the other participants after the close of the session. It is not necessary that the medium narrate the scenes through the course of the meeting, which can confuse the others, especially because each medium present may be tuned into distinct frequencies that differ from that in which the said medium is capturing the images it sees.

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