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Mental Influence

As has been mentioned, the mind is at the base of all mediumistic phenomena, and it has its influence in the mediumship of seeing and hearing. Each mind has a distinct capacity to perceive the phenomena, thus registering them in differing ways.  The picture to the right illustrates how the same phenomena, auditory or visual, can be observed differently by various mediums, according to the mental state of each one.  The human mind works like a prism of differing colors.  Just as the light of one single lamp, in passing through glass plates tinted different shades of the same color, will become altered according to the tinting of each plate, the same phenomena observed by three different mediums will undergo the influence of three different minds. 

As an example, in a group of four seeing mediums, one may not  perceive the presence of a given spirit at all, while of the other three, one perceives the spirit perfectly, with great detail; the second visualizes the spirits form and movement, but without detail; and the third sees the spirit as if it were wrapped in a semi-transparent sheet.

As Martins Peralva points out, the medium that understands these different shades of mediumistic action will not feel inclined to make doubtful judgments about the sight of another medium, for he knows that another may very well perceive something that he himself is unable to observe.  

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