An Exchange Between Two Worlds |
Physical vs. Intellectual Mediumship | Organic and Spiritual Causes

 Mediumship = An Exchange Between Two Worlds 

Spirits, the intelligent beings of God's creation, are found living in two realms of life, the spiritual and material realms.  The spiritual realm is the home of the discarnate spirits.  The material realm is a temporary home inhabited by those like ourselves, incarnated in a dense physical body and living on a planet, such as Earth, as part of the reincarnatory process.  These realms are not two worlds, as you might imagine, distinct and geographically separated from one another; instead, they exist simultaneously, only operating on different vibrational levels.  In fact, they continuously interact with and influence one another, and the spirits of both planes have always been in contact with each other. 

Revealing their presence and attesting to the continuity of life and to the communication between the visible and invisible worlds, spirits have entered into communication with humans since the latter began inhabiting the Earth.  At times, this communication is subtle and does not reach us at a conscious level.  Other times, however, humans can participate directly in this exchange with spirits, and they have been doing so throughout time.  Called medicine men and shaman among the primitive tribes, known as oracles, fortune-tellers and prophets in ancient times, referred to as witches and sorcerers in the Middle Age, and better known today as mediums, all of these are examples of humans who have entered into communication with brothers and sisters of the invisible world.  

In its most simple definition, mediumship is the faculty that allows the individual an exchange with the spiritual world and facilitates the communication between the two planes of life.  A medium, then, is someone endowed with the mediumistic faculty, who acts as an intermediary, consciously or not.  Because this faculty is innate in man, we are all mediums, to some degree, though we normally speak of mediums in terms of those individuals in whom the faculty is more pronounced¹.

The exercise of mediumship has been registered throughout history and across multiple religions, cultures, etc.  Despite some who still deny its validity, regardless of all the evidence and proof of its existence, mediumship, today, is accepted, recognized, and respected in many places around the world.  Mediumship is not a privilege belonging only to Spiritism, nor is it synonymous with Spiritism.  It does play, however, a major part in the education and practice of Spiritism, which teaches us about mediumship's altruistic and noble purpose, and educates us regarding its manifestations and practice, as well as the responsibilities entrusted to participants of both the physical and material realms.  


¹ See "We Are All Mediums" on menu bar at left