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Let's take a look now at four causes of obsession, whereby we will also see how vibrational affinities and moral deficiencies factor into these different causes.

Moral Deficiencies

This cause is a direct result of the law of moral affinity, by which we attract the company of others, both incarnate and discarnate, whose ideas and inclinations are similar to our own. For example, a person who thinks and acts out of weaknesses such as pride, envy, greed, hate, etc., just as one who engages in unhealthy behaviors like the abuse of alcohol, drugs, even food, promiscuous and/or abusive sexual activity, intentional mistreatment of others, etc., will, by natural law, attract spiritual companions of a similar nature, who take pleasure in witnessing the actions of such an individual, and who even "feed" off the energy that such a person emanates. Moreover, when the cultivation of such inferior sentiments and behaviors is habitual, the person then steadily maintains the same vibrational frequency as his disturbed and inferior spiritual companion, who is thus able to lock into a strong mental and energetic connection with him or her.

From there, the toxic influence begins, through which the obsessing spirit takes advantage of that person's negative tendencies and encourages in him or her even more of the same, which only leads to the victimís greater emotional and spiritual imbalance, in addition to making it hard for that person, once a strong union is developed, to put an end to the unhealthy ways, even when he or she desires to do so.

In another example, we can see how the vibrational frequency of an individual may even lead to such a "parasitic" relationship with an unhappy spirit, who may even unintentionally and/or unconsciously influence the incarnate spirit. We've all heard the expression, "Misery loves company." A person who is mentally fixed on pessimistic ideas or other self-disruptive thoughts and sentiments of many different kinds, may also draw to him an unhappy spirit who shares in his sentiments and who, like a magnet becomes "attached" to him, which, as in the first example, will only exacerbate the person's emotional turmoil.