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Undeveloped Mediumship

 Here, we are referring to a more ostensive mediumship that a certain individual may possess without yet having developed or employed it, perhaps out of ignorance to its existence, or possibly out of a fear. It may also that the person simply does not appreciate the fact that such a faculty represents a way for him to make reparations for past mistakes and to help others in need. Spiritism can help such persons by (1) helping them to recognize the signs that could indicate the presence of a medianimic faculty; (2) giving them the education to understand mediumship and not fear it; (3) teaching them about the divine purpose for their abilities to communicate with the spiritual realm; and (4) by warning them of the consequences that pride and other inferior attitudes can have, especially given the presence of their heightened sensitivity to exterior influences.

In truth, this cause of obsession is not actually a motive, per se, for an inferior spirit to target an individual with toxic thoughts and energies. It is, rather, a much greater vulnerability, as such persons are much more sensitive to the actions of ignorant and/or ill-willed spirits. Should they also have a spirit who holds a serious grudge against them, they are all the more susceptible to the process of obsession. This individual, like all others, is not defenseless, however.  If he keeps his thoughts elevated, takes time out regularly for moments of study, reflection, and prayer, and acts out of kindness and compassion toward others, he will maintain a higher vibrational frequency that will serve as his greatest line of defense against negative influences, and which will also attract the company of good spirits who will help to protect him and lead him in the right direction.

We also must make the point here that once the obsession takes hold and the individual seeks help, for example at a Spiritist center, where his mediumship may be recognized, it is not appropriate for such an individual to develop the faculty at this time.  It is first necessary for the individual to undergo treatment for the obsession and to simultaneously work on improving the moral and vibrational quality of his thoughts and behaviors.  He should seek to regain his moral and spiritual equilibrium, study the moral and philosophical teachings of Spiritism and participate in the Spiritist center, and learn about the phenomena and practice of mediumship, before beginning to exercise his faculty in benefit of others.  Patience, persistence, and faith are all necessary to follow this path toward rehabilitation and, eventually, toward rewarding work.  

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