“Gangs” in the Spirit Realm | Chains of Oppression

Chains of Oppression

Just like in gangs here on Earth, in these spirit groups, there are those who give orders and those who follow orders. Manoel Philomeno De Miranda explains that the spirits who gain positions of "power" in these organizations, "obsess other discarnate entities like themselves, who in turn become obsessors of incarnate individuals, setting up a very complex circle of communal living, exploiting one another physically and psychically." As further detailed by Spiritist medium and author Suely Caldas Schubert, the domineering spirits "in charge" use their submissive, fellow spirits to intensify the persecution of their victims and the victim's family members by accompanying them day to day and seeking to cause them problems, emotional anxieties, confusion, etc., which they will achieve if the persecuted individual does not practice vigilance and defend himself with prayer and the reinforcement of virtuous thoughts and actions. The obsessive actions of spirits, under the command of their "boss", and even sometimes in spite of their true, innermost desires to be free of such oppressive chains, is evident in the communications of spirits who speak in mediumship sessions held for disobsession, when these entities give in to the persuasive and caring conversation of the counselor, stating that they would like to change but can't because of the trouble they will be in with "the one in charge"; sometimes they fear not only trouble, but also the loss of "protection" that they are given in exchange for their work, which is, again, very analogous to the gangs we know of on Earth.  The counselor explains that they need not live in fear or in crime any longer, that they have come to the right place where they will receive true protection, shelter, and the treatment that they need.


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