“Gangs” in the Spirit Realm | Chains of Oppression

“Gangs” in the Spirit Realm

Often times, spirit obsessors do not work alone.  To guarantee success, they frequently collaborate in their efforts, whether their objectives are targeted toward a specific individual or group of individuals, or their aim is merely to spread discord, hate, and misery in revolt against their own unhappiness and suffering. They actually band together in groups analogous to "gangs" here on Earth, as spirit author, Manoel Philomeno De Miranda writes, in his book, "Obsession":

Such entities, who eventually will be caught in the subtle nets of divine laws, build up vicious organizations in the dark regions of the lower, spiritual planes, from which they spread their influence throughout many places of suffering and perturbation on the Earth, attuning also to idle minds, and to guilty, stubborn, rebellious, and indifferent persons. They establish a close relationship with these minds, starting serious, long, obsessive processes that sometimes last for a whole lifetime on the Earth plane, and continue in the spirit world after the obsessed disincarnates.

These inferior, Earth-bound entities organize themselves in bands and fight for leading positions, as they would on the Earth plane, in actual battles, in which they annihilate themselves. Their motivation is a powerful ambition which ends up in an empty ephemeral illusion. They lack the strength to control themselves but are always tormented by the lust for power.

Their evil, degraded minds, in molding the subtle tissues of their astral bodies, completely alter their appearance so as to better frighten those submitted to them. In their insanity, they believe themselves to be small gods competing with the true God.  Some of them still carry, in their subconscious, the old, religious myth of Hell and its devils, and they mold their spirit bodies to suit the thought forms they are firmly focused on."