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Spiritual Treatment for More Severe Obsessions

Patient Orientation

If the combined efforts of incarnates and discarnates, in the healing process, are to be successful, the patient's participation in that process is absolutely essential. The efforts that the patient makes toward his own moral elevation are very important in convincing the obsessing spirit to change his ways. However, they're also essential to the patient's ability to build up his spiritual defenses against future attempts his obsessor may make to influence him, using the same methods that have worked so well before. Even if the Spiritist workers were, alone, able to counsel the obsessing spirit and convince him to pursue a higher ground, thus abandoning his efforts to torment his former enemy, the patient himself, without changing his own ways, would still be susceptible to repeating the whole process again with another spirit who merely substitutes for the first one.

In addition to the work done by others in the mediumship sessions, the patient must do his part by working to improve the quality of his thoughts which, in turn, will improve the quality of the choices he makes. He must also take all the same steps as were mentioned above, in terms of prayer, reflection, study, attending meetings at the Spiritist Center, and receiving fluidic therapy through passes and magnetized water.

The education of the patient will be accomplished through conversations, in appropriate meetings, lectures, and other Spiritist activities, indicated by the team of workers who are assisting him. Suely Caldas Shubert writes:

"To educate the obsessed individual is to make him feel how essential it is that he participate in his treatment. It is directing him, giving him a gradual and careful vision of what this being, considered as his obsessor, represents in his existence. It is lifting his hopes if he is depressed. It is transmitting to him the certainty that within him are immense resources that must be activated by a firm will so as to enable them to flourish, revealing to him facets of his own personality that were unknown to him until then. It is making him conscious, little by little, of the responsibilities that he took on in the past, and which he is now being charged with, through his unhappy brother who appointed himself judge, collector, or avenger. It is only through intimate reform that the sick patient will achieve liberation from his thoughts, which have been restricted by his persecutor. The latter, sensing the modification in the thought waves of his victim, and finding in such, the first signs of forgiveness and love, will progressively become touched by this change. This is why the transformation must be true, whole."

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