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Spiritual Treatment for More Severe Obsessions

Counseling the Spirit:  Part 1 of 3

An obsessing spirit will sometimes arrive at such a meeting, on his own, as he follows close behind his victim, who has gone to the Center, at that time, to receive passes and participate in edifying studies of the Gospel (although the patient does not normally attend the session with the group that works to counsel the obsessor spirit). Other times, the spirit may be brought to the meeting, even against his will, by superior spirits who are able to exercise their, the basis of which is their moral superiority, over the spirit in need of treatment. This is evidenced by the frequently voiced complaints of such spirits that they have been "imprisoned", restrained, and asked to speak, even against their will.

The process of such counseling can take several sessions, sometimes even months. If the communicating spirit is enraged with anger, as can often happen after years of mental fixation on his suffering and on his desire for revenge, the initial sessions may allow for very little meaningful conversation. In fact, although the spirit may only wish to express his hostility, he is, nonetheless, benefited by the good vibrations he receives from the medium who acts as his instrument of communication, as well as those of the other participants of the session. As time goes on, the spirit will begin to open, telling his story and explaining the motivation for his actions, to which the counselor can then respond by showing sympathy and, at the same time, by helping the spirit to see the situation from another point of view.

At times, the spirit must be shown, or rather convinced that the very event which caused him so much suffering, and which lead him to his present, vengeful state, was only the due consequence of something that he himself had done prior to the situation he is now so fixated upon in his mind and which is still so fresh in his memory. One method that the participants from the spirit plane use to achieve this is to place before the communicator a sort of fluidic screen (again, in the spirit realm) of images that play out for him, in order that he may see the very immoral acts which he himself once committed against another, in some past existence, the consequences of which later surfaced as the incident for which he now seeks to torment the one for whom he has held such contempt for, for so long a time, and who is often someone who was made to suffer by the spirit's original crimes. This method of treatment acts as a sort of regression therapy for the spirit. The counselor knows when this is happening, because the spirit himself will start to ask why he's being shown "these images" and will eventually recognize himself in them, as the buried memory begins to resurface.

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