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Affinity and Attraction


Spirits of differing moral and intellectual qualities are all around us, attempting to persuade us through the influence of thought.  What allows us to pick up on the thoughts that are directed toward us is our affinity with the spirit that created them, or in other words, the level of attunement between the moral nature of our thoughts, desires, attitudes, tendencies, behaviors, etc., with those of the spirit.   Think of it like setting a frequency on a radio in order to hear a certain kind of music or program.  The kinds of thoughts and actions that we cultivate set our mind to a given vibrational frequency, whereby we will "tune in" to the spirits that are on the same frequency as our own, due to a similarity in nature.   Not only does our own nature open this door, if you will, to like-minded beings; it also attracts them.   Though most of us can not see the spirits, they can, when interested, see us; but more than that, their heightened senses, in terms of their freedom from the material body, allow them to see our thoughts, desires, and intentions, whereby they will be drawn to us and recognize the increased probability of receptivity.  

The quality of the spirits, themselves, determines how they look upon us, as well as their objectives, should they attempt to communicate with us.  Good spirits empathize with those who are good or who want to improve.  They offer good advice, warn us of potential dangers, console us in our afflictions, rejoice with us in our successes, and encourage us to have strength and perseverance as we undergo our trials.   Good spirits also seek to advance, through the influence of key individuals, the moral and intellectual progress of humanity as a whole.  Hence, the great scientific discoveries, peace efforts, etc., that we attribute to men and women on Earth, most often originate from inspirations given to those individuals by collaborators in the spiritual realm.   

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