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Free Will

The frequent influences and suggestions that we receive from the spirits around us and, in particular, those who we attract via vibrational affinity, are most often picked up as subtle intuitions, in such a way that that they appear to be our own thoughts or ideas.  In this way, the suggestions do not interfere with our free-will.  They may come from external sources, but in the end, only we can make our own decisions, using our conscience and our knowledge to chose the actions we will take.  God allows the inferior spirits to tempt us, for they serve as the instruments through which our faith and constancy in doing good are tested.  When we do not listen to negative suggestions, and we overcome our temptations, we advance in our path of spiritual progression.  Likewise, when we listen to the suggestions of good spirits and chose wisely, the merit is ours for doing so by using our own free will.   To the contrary, however, when we do not follow their good advice, and when we listen to suggestions that lead us to opposite actions, the consequences we may suffer are only the effect of the cause that we created.  To protect ourselves from the influence of inferior, uneducated, or suffering spirits, we must keep our thoughts elevated, as much as possible, thus working to keep from letting our guard down during those trying moments, and seeking to live, always, with compassion, faith, and determination.