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Bad Influences


 Just as we benefit from the positive influence of friendly and good-willed spirits, we are also susceptible to unhealthy influences. When we "open the door of influence", through our own thoughts and actions, we are also susceptible to a spiritual influence of a negative nature.  In some cases, this may come from frivolous spirits, those who simply enjoy playing with us, causing us little annoyances and then laughing at our gullibility, impatience, etc.   In more serious cases, we may, through our own tendencies or areas of weakness, such as hot temperedness, egotism and/or self-centeredness, gossip, criticism or judgment of others, pessimism, or participation in self- destructive behaviors like alcohol abuse or drug usage, etc., attract spirits who share in our behavioral tendencies and who take pleasure in exciting such behaviors in us, encouraging us and egging us on at the first sign of temptation.  Other ill-intentioned or unenlightened spirits may seek to bring us suffering through their harmful influence that encourages anger or jealousy. The spirit who provokes negative thoughts and actions in a human being may do so with no fixed motive, or may simply chose the person because he or she serves as a means to satisfy a general malice. In other cases, the spiritsí intentions stem from a more deep-rooted hostility, as in the case with the spirit who follows and harasses one who is an enemy from a previous incarnation.    


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