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Blissful Worlds



In these worlds, the good far outweighs the bad. The inhabitants have a material body, but a more refined beauty. Their bodies do not have the Earthly materiality.  They are not subject to the same needs, sicknesses, or deterioration, and they are able to move easily and rapidly. Their senses are far more developed. Without worry and anguish, these beings live longer than on Earth, and death is seen as a happy transformation. There are no wars, and only moral and intellectual superiority determines social rank and authority, which is respected. Rather than trying to rise above one another, these individuals strive to rise above the self, to reach perfection.  In these realms, all the higher feelings of human nature are exalted and refined. Hate, jealousy, and envy are unknown, while love is the common bond, and all help one another, so that no one suffers from want.

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