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Celestial or Divine Orbs


These worlds are inhabited by purified spirits, where goodness prevails uncontested. There, spirits revel in an everlasting light, an undying beauty, and a permanent state of inner calmness. They enjoy an uninterrupted happiness.

If the blissful and celestial worlds sound too good to be true, know that they are accessible to all of us. The beings who live in those worlds are not privileged. They too, have undergone the same evolutionary process in which we now find ourselves, and through their own hard work and tears, they overcame all the difficulties to victoriously earn their right to join their brothers and sisters in a rank of such merit. We too, will one day do the same. Whether it is sooner or later depends on us as individuals. Starting at the same point, we're all given the same rights and opportunities.  

As spirits progress morally and intellectually, they will reincarnate on planets appropriate to their evolutionary level.  Spirits who chose to persist in disobedience and exert no effort toward self-improvement will not progress to more advanced worlds. In fact, if their behavior is severe enough and consistently causes great distress to the social order of their present planet, they may even be forced to reincarnate among less evolved spirits in a more inferior world, where they must then work to help the latter advance in order to earn the right to return to the higher planetary stage they'd once reached. Conversely, when spirits' advancement surpasses that of the world in which they live, they will be rewarded with the right to pass on to a more evolved one.

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