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Basic Elements of the Universe  

Universal, Cosmic Fluid and its Derivatives (Fluids) : Part 1 of 2

 As stated previously, the two general elements of the universe are spirit and matter.

- The primitive, most elementary condition of spirit is known as the "Intelligent Universal Principle" or the "Spiritual Universal Principle", and is the generating source of what we commonly refer to as a  spirit, meaning an individualization of this element, an intelligent being of the universe.

- Comparatively, the most elementary condition or state of matter is referred to as the "Universal Fluid" or the "Material Principle"; it acts as an intermediary between the individualized spirit and less primitive varieties of matter, a function that is carried out through its great derivative, known as the cosmic fluid. 


Principle / Fluid / Energy -   Which is it?

  The original French texts from Kardec (and several texts written more recently in Portuguese) use both the words "fluid" and "principle".
  Some feel that with the connotation "fluid" carries in present-day English, it's better to simply use "principle".   Click here to see why we have chosen to continue using "principle" and "fluid", as well as "energy."   

The cosmic fluid, or cosmic principle, is the irreducible and fundamental constituent of all matter.  It is essentially a more  refined form of matter with an independent existence of its own.  Every form of matter as we know it, as well as the energy phenomena that we know of today, such as heat, magnetism, and electricity are only modifications of this basic element.  

Because it holds properties common to both spirit and matter, the cosmic fluid acts as an intermediary between them, allowing the individualized spirit to act on matter.  The latter is too dense for the spirit to act upon directly.  Hence,  under guidance of spirits, and in combination with denser matter, which are already modified forms of the cosmic principle, the cosmic fluid can be used to produce an infinite  number of things, many of which we still have much to learn about.    

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