Basic Elements of the Universe:  Spirit  |  Matter  |  Cosmic Principle & Fluid(s)


From the human point of view, matter is generally conceived of as something that occupies space, can be perceived by one or more senses, and is impenetrable.  The spirits clarify that matter also exists in other states that are unknown to us.  While the latter may be too ethereal and subtle to make an impression on our senses, it is still matter.  Matter, then, is defined by them as the element that surrounds the spirit, and upon which the spirit exerts its action.

In addition to its union with spirit being necessary for its intelligent activity, the other key point to understand about matter is that it is formed of one basic element.  The elements that we regard as basic (such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and their chemical/physical building blocks) are really transformations of a more fundamental matter, referred to as the cosmic principle. 

Basically, matter has only two essential properties: force and movement. All other properties of matter, conditioned by intensity, direction, and movement, are really only secondary effects of the other two, according to the different molecular arrangements of matter.  These secondary effects, such as flavors, colors, sounds, poisonous vs. medicinal qualities, etc., occur when elementary molecules undergo changes due to the interaction and combination with other molecules, or in response to environmental pressure.  The spirits also point out that what we refer to as a molecule is still very far from being the most elementary molecule.  


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