Basic Elements of the Universe:  Spirit  |  Matter  |  Cosmic Principle & Fluid(s)


The essential nature of spirit has yet to be revealed to humans.  In fact, the spirits tell us that it is impossible to explain within the present scope of human language.  However, they tell us that we can understand spirit as “the intelligent principle of the universe”, referring here to a general element of the universe, and not to singular spirits, which are an individualization of this element.  They tell us that intelligence is actually a quality of spirit, whereby spirit and intelligence are not true synonyms, but that because the two merge in a unitary principle, they can, from the human perspective, be said to be the same.

Spirit is distinct from matter.  However, the union of spirit and matter is necessary to give intelligent activity to the latter.   From the human perspective, since our senses aren’t designed to perceive spirit apart from matter, this union is also necessary for the manifestation of intelligent activity.  

When we speak of spirits as individual beings, we are referring to the individualization of this intelligent principle or major universal element. These spirits are the intelligent beings of the universe, created by God. They are found either as incarnate spirits  ̶  meaning that they are, at the time of reference, incorporated in a material body and living in the material world as part of the process of reincarnation, or as discarnate spirits  ̶  meaning that they are, at the time of reference, freed from a material body and living in the spiritual realm. (Read all about spirits and reincarnation in our PHILOSOPHY web section).