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Components of Mediumistic Transmission: Fluidic Affinity & Mental Tuning

Two Components of Mediumistic Transmission:
Fluidic Affinity & Mental Tuning

The basic process of mediumistic transmission (or tuning and capturing) involves two principal components: a fluidic affinity and a mental tuning between the spirit and the medium.  We will define these here.

Fluidic Affinity

In order for spiritual manifestations to occur, both physical and intellectual, it is necessary for the perispirit of the medium to have a fluidic affinity with the perispirit of the spirit who wishes to communicate. This is the Law of Fluidic Affinity.  

The fluidic affinity depends on the physical makeup of the medium's and the spirit's perispirits.  Therefore, mediums cannot serve as an instrument for all spirits, for some are easily compatible, and others actually repel one another.  Some mediums can only communicate with certain spirits, or certain categories of spirits.  For this reason, there could be a spirit who is unable to communicate because it does not find a medium with whom it shares a fluidic affinity.  It is also for this reason that we should be skeptical of persons that claim to be able to speak with any and all spirits.

The fluidic affinity is independent of a moral affinity; one can exist, between spirit and medium, without the other.

As a spirit approaches a medium with or through whom it wishes to communicate, it is also through this process of fluidic affinity that the medium, in agreement with his or her degree of sensitivity, may begin to feel the physical sensations that result from the influence of the spirit's vibrations.  If it is a vibration of a good or elevated spirit, i.e. harmonious and benevolent, the medium will feel a sensation of happiness and a balanced emotion that envelops him or her.  Contrarily, if the spirit is of an inferior order and thereby emits a vibration of unbalance, emotional disturbance, sickness, negativity, etc., the impressions transmitted to the medium will be unpleasant.  If the spirit has a sensation of pain, which is actually an impression from it's abandoned physical body, having no present, physical cause, the medium may capture a degree of those sensations, through vibratory tuning, but never to the extent that they are "felt" by the spirit.  It is understood, however, that what the medium feels is only a spiritual impression, and not a true physical problem of his or her own.  This impression can be controlled or lessened with proper knowledge or training, and with the help of spiritual benefactors.  Likewise, the impression normally ends with the cessation of the communication.  Should the impression linger, the medium is helped by vibrations and passes given by the other mediums attending the meeting. 

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