Introduction | Two Basic Concepts |
Components of Mediumistic Transmission: Fluidic Affinity & Mental Tuning

Two Basic Concepts


There are two basic concepts that are key to understanding the mediumistic phenomena:

1. The mind is at the base of all mediumistic communications.  In all intelligent communications, the mental force of the discarnate, communicating spirit acts upon that of the incarnate medium, and in finding, in the latter, a mental passivity or receptivity (as opposed to a block or a rejection), the communication between the two will then be possible.

2. The perispirit is the agent of all mediumistic phenomena, "which can only be produced by the reciprocal action of the fluids that are emitted by the medium and the spirit. The development of the mediumistic faculty depends on the more or less expansive nature of the the medium's perispirit and on the greater or lesser ease of its assimilation by the spirits."  (Kardec, "Posthumous Works", #34 pg 54).

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