Introduction | Two Basic Concepts |
Components of Mediumistic Transmission: Fluidic Affinity & Mental Tuning


The process that takes place in the mediumship of intellectual effects involves the communicating spirit linking its perispirit with that of the medium, so as to influence the medium to reproduce its thought, through speaking or writing.  Let's now take a look, in a little more detail at how that happens, though still in general terms that relate to the basic mechanism and requirements for the transmission of thought.  Further details that are particular to specific varieties of the faculty will follow in other sub-topics.

First, we must review a few key points to keep in mind when studying the mechanism of mediumistic communication.

* Spiritual fluids (or "fluids") are the vehicle of thought; they carry thoughts just as the air carries sound, whereby waves and rays of thoughts travel through space and cross one another without mixing.

* Fluidic Images, created when a spirit focuses its thoughts on something, are reflected, as if photographed, in its perispirit.

* Fluids acquire their moral and physical qualities from their environment.  As the vehicle of thought, they are imprinted with the moral qualities of the thoughts of both incarnate and discarnate spirits, which cause their degree of vibration.  Negative thoughts pollute fluids and slow the vibrations, while positive thoughts purify purify fluids and increase the vibrations.

What Are Fluids?

To understand this concept before continuing here, you can read "Fundamental Principles in the Science of Spiritism."  See menu bar at left. 

What Is the Perispirit ?

To understand the perispirit, or spirit body, (and before you continue here) please read about its definition and functions in the topic "The Perispirit " found in the web section on the Philosophic aspect of Spiritism. See menu bar at the top of this page.