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Speaking Mediums

Frequent Use in Sessions

It is this kind of mediumship that, for various reasons, is most used in Spiritist mediumship sessions. A few of these reasons are offered by Sueli Caldas Schubert.  She writes:

1. It is easier and faster to verbally transmit the thought of the spirits than to write them.

 2. The medium can be trained more quickly in the exercise of psychophony¹

3. The communicating spirit is eager to pour out its emotions and narrate its drama, which contain valuable lessons for the incarnates who are listening.

Schubert also points out that, with respect to the first reason, this is especially opportune in the case of sessions that are held to give aid to spirits who are suffering or are in need, or to those who are involved in harmful ties with incarnate individuals; all of them are in such great need of  help, enlightenment, and fraternal dialogue, that they are more efficiently aided through the discourse that is thus established with the session's incarnate counselor. 

Divaldo Franco points out another significant and beneficial factor in this form of mediumistic communication, which is, again, especially valuable in the aid given to suffering spirits.  It is an energy exchange that takes place between the medium and the spirit.  He says,

When a spirit approaches a medium, the latter, like a sponge, absorbs the positive or negative energy, depending on the degree of evolution of the communicating spirit.... In the case of the suffering spirit, as the medium absorbs its energy, the spirit, likewise, absorbs the animalistic fluid of the medium; in this process, the spirit's vibratory density is reduced.

Franco explains the resulting effect like this. He says:

Suffering spirits become enveloped within a vicious circle [of negative energy], which can be compared to someone trapped inside a closed room with no ventilation. As soon as ventilation is opened to the room, the individual breathes the pure air and enjoys relief from the suffocating situation. Likewise, through the phenomena of psychophony and the resulting "fluidic shock", the suffering spirit will be relieved from a true state of stupor just by becoming enwrapped in the magnetic (fluidic/energy) field of the medium. (Divaldo as quoted in the book Quality in the Mediumistic Practice²).

In the above situation, should the medium carry any lasting impression from the exchange with the discarnate spirit, fluidic therapy, in the form of passes, can be used to help purify the energies absorbed from spirit.

Speaking mediums do not service only suffering spirits.  They also serve as instruments for enlightened spirits who, through the incarnate intermediary, offer words of encouragement and contribute valuable knowledge and instruction.   With respect to the absorption of energy mentioned above, in the case of a good spirit who is communicating, the medium will always benefit from the spirit's healthy energies which, upon absorption, produce positive sensations for the medium. 

¹ Editor's note: She also writes in another passage, "It is the type of mediumship best suited for the training that is needed by the medium, offering a more dynamic, rapid, and efficient communication"

² Translation of title in Portuguese, "Qualidade Na Prática Mediunica"

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